Strong Roots. Strong Tree.

CF Rail Services traces its roots way back to 1928, when an enterprising young man named Fred H. Sasser left Mather Stock Car Company to strike out on his own. He founded Central West Refrigerator Dispatch, which provided transportation of livestock by rail and truck to farmers and the Illinois Northern Railroad. Like any good entrepreneur, through the years he made decisions based on the industrial climate and where he saw a need. By 1938 his visions of the future lead him to open Chicago Freight Car and Parts, to provide railcar maintenance and support services.  

After being commissioned in the Army in 1943 to help the country with its wartime rail transportation, he had his best idea yet. Following the war he purchased and refurbished railcars used by the military and established Chicago Freight Car Leasing.

Over the years Fred H. Sasser, then his son Robert Sasser, and then his grandson Fred R. Sasser, continued to expand the family business and provide for an ever-growing family of loyal customers. They employed strategic decision-making along the way to ride the waves of change in the economy, but always stuck with their family values, strong work ethic and the industry they had helped to build.

It is from this solid history that CF Rail Services came into being and, like its predecessors, continues to move forward, increasing its level of service based on the needs of shipper and railroad customers large and small.