Wheel Shop.

Our DeQueen facility has a full-service Wheel Shop with the following capabilities:

Wheel Demounting and Mounting

Damaged wheels may be removed from the axle and inspected for serviceability. Those unfit for future use are scrapped, and those with good miles still on them are re-profiled and remounted. If need be, we're happy to mount new wheels to your new or qualified axles with new or reconditioned wheel bearings.

Re-profiling of Used Wheel Sets

Our shop can expertly re-profile freight car and locomotive wheel sets with the latest technology to restore wheels to within acceptable specifications. Customers may choose to purchase re-profiled wheels from our stock as an alternative to new wheels.

Mounting of New or Reconditioned Wheel Bearings

Proper care of wheel bearings contribute to smooth operations and reduce the likelihood of related mechanical issues. We will ensure all the cars you bring in are running on high-quality bearings.

Axle Inspection, Finishing and Downsizing

We offer comprehensive axle services, including inspection, cleaning, machining and qualifying to keep your cars fitted to your specifications and in compliance with current industry requirements.

Contact DeQueen for more information. We look forward to serving you.