Field Services Mini Shops.

If you’re in the area but you can’t get to us, we’ll dispatch a Field Services mobile team to you.

In addition to the robust menu of services available at our numerous shop locations, we also have mobile teams operating out of Mini Shops across the country. These experts can serve your shipping operation in one of two ways:

Spot Services

Call us when a mechanical problem or inspection issue threatens to hold up your delivery schedule and we’ll come out and resolve the issue right away. If repairs are too extensive to be addressed at your location, we will arrange to bring your car back to one of our shops, fix it there, and get you back on track in no time.

Scheduled Services

Like clockwork we’ll visit your location to provide all the regular maintenance and inspections needed to head off problems and keep things running smoothly. Speak to a representative to determine what frequency—maybe weekly, maybe monthly—would work best for you.

Just call us to discuss your immediate needs and schedule a Field Services visit from any of these Mini Shops:

• Columbus, Mississippi
• Longview, Washington
• St Marys, Georgia
• Chattanooga, Tennessee
• Youngstown, Ohio
• Hammond, Indiana
• Mobile, Alabama


For More Information

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